Eyelashes & Henna

Eyelash Extensions

We attach multiple strand false eyelashes to your natural eyelashes that creates fuller high impacting eyes.

The advantages of our eyelashes are
• High quality and amazing visual results

• Multiple strands allow us to fill gaps in your natural eyelashes giving a fuller look

• Lengths of short, medium and long allow us to create a large variety of looks including the natural look, party look and a performers look

• Depending on your natural eyelashes our eyelashes can last up to 2 weeks if cared for properly

• The 1st set of in fills are free!



Henna Tattoos

Henna Dye is a natural dye that can be applied directly to the skin to create a large variety of patterns from letters to complex bridal patterns. The advantages of our henna tattoos are

• Natural dye is used so it can be applied to most skin types

• The beauticians can create custom patterns or selected patterns

• Depending on exposure to the elements they can last up to 1-2 weeks